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The succesfull cooperation with Johan als project manager on a strategic business transformation project helped our team to get vision, scope, budget and action planning alligned. His open mind, listening attitude and bridge building competencies were welcomed by the project team. Johan, thank you for this partnership !

M. Samman @ Wolters Kluwer

Johan is an excellent program manager that was able to deliver structure within the chaotic environment of the Storesquare start-up. He has implemented the core processes for our teams. This has made a tremendous impact during the start-up months. Also Johan does this with a smile and a very human approach. He is a very pragmatic person that gets things done.

S.Segers @ Roularta Media Group

Innovative thinking and execution is what I think of when I picture Johan. During our time at Truvo, we worked together on several initiatives to expand the product offering and improve the market position to our clients and users. From business development to project management, Johan always executed with integrity and no-nonsense business acumen. Personally, Johan is very approachable and has a terrific set of soft skills that balance collaboration with a solution-driven attitude. It was a pleasure working with Johan and I would recommend him as a strong asset to any team

A.Pinzon @ Truvo Group


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